Shopping at the Fauquier Food Bank

Shopping at the Fauquier Food Bank – Photo courtesy of Merrill Worthington

Welcome to the Fauquier Community Food Bank and Thrift Store

If you need assistance, you have come to the right place. For the month of July, we served a total of 786 families which included 979 children, 169 senior citizens and 1713 adults for a total of 2869 individuals helped.

Not only do we provide food, we also have information on the other Social Services in the county and we will help you get connected. You can also learn more about Community Services available in Fauquier County through the Fauquier County Resource Guide.

If you are in the 55+ age category, you may also find the Senior Community Service Employment Program by the National Council on Aging an important resource. The NCOA has local programs and we will be glad to get you in touch with them.

Here is what you need to know.
We serve Fauquier County residents. If you live in another county, we can refer you to your local food bank.
You need:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residency
  • Photo ID.

You can pick up food once a month. Bread can be picked up daily and produce can be picked up daily when available. A volunteer will assist you in choosing food.

Front Cover of Feed Your Family of Four for $4 a Day
If you need help feeding your family on a limited budget, the book “Feed Your Family of Four for $4 a Day” can help. You will find recipes, menu plans, shopping lists, shopping and cooking strategies, and more. Buy it at our Thrift Store and the proceeds support the Food Bank.

Front Cover of book titled These Are Our People

Learn more about the people the Fauquier Community Food Bank serves from “These Are Our People…”. When you read their stories, it will not be difficult to comprehend how quickly anyone could go from paying their own way to needing a bit of assistance. Available at our Thrift Store; proceeds support the Food Bank.

We are located at 249 East Shirley Avenue in Warrenton. This is the road which goes past Wal-mart. We are near Taylor Middle School between Warrenton Auto Services and Highline Motors. If requested, the Circuit Rider bus will stop at our front gate.

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